Textile-hygiene safe your Family and Customer from infections!

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THMSTextile Hygiene Service  is the umbrella organization for all THMS certified service partners who work according to the infection protection program of the THMS e.V.

We help you to protect your guests against infections caused by pathogens, parasites, fungal spores and allergens.


As a hotel operator, you are responsible for the safety and security of your guests.


That's why smoke and fire alarms have been installed and escape routes marked, so that every guest is protected from danger and in case of danger in safety.


However, there are dangers which are invisible and still pose a great danger to your guests.

A hotel mattress is used each year by more than 120 people from all over the world.

These leave in the period about 180 liters of body fluids associated with parasites such as mites or mites, pathogens, fungal spores in the mattresses.

Thus, each following guest is vulnerable to transmission of infections!


 Parasites (mites) are our constant companions.

In all textiles that we can not wash, colonies of these parasites form, which feed on hair and dander, which we lose steadily.


The excrement's of the mites contain an enzyme called allergens that damage our immune system and cause allergies such as causing asthma or causing allergic shocks that are sometimes life-threatening.


They stay back where we are. In bed that is 7 hours on average.



called the substances that have been proven to cause allergies or allergic


Can trigger shocks. In mattresses are the excretions of the mites (allergens), which spread as house dust in the room, and settle in all textiles.


But these are also found in ventilation or air conditioning in the filters that are not cleaned in many hotels.



are full of mites whose excretions can cause allergies or trigger allergic shocks that can be life threatening.

But also viruses and bacteria are transferred from previous users of textiles.



have incubation periods of up to a few months or years, come with us

body sweat in mattresses and pillows.

Combined with the mite droppings, yeasts and fungi form, which can be transferred to the guests.


Viruses and bacteria are microorganisms,

which spread over hosts. First, stay

They go back in the mattress and go to a new host, who spreads them even before the carrier itself suffers.


The danger that your guests receive from you pathogens or parasites

is 100%


As long as you do not decide basically after every guest change mattresses and pillows before using disinfect with fresh linens and safely kill parasites.


We want to help you to protect your guests against infections caused by pathogens, parasites, fungal spores and allergens.


THMS Hygiene Service is the umbrella organization for all THMS certified service partners who work according to the infection protection program of the THMS e.V.


 The textile hygiene service works are carried out by THMS trained employees of these companies who adhere to the price specifications for products and service of THMS members.


All THMS certified products can be purchased through these regional companies.


THMS certifies only products that have been tested for 100% effectiveness by international universities.


THMS certified service companies adhere to the guidelines of the THMS Infection Protection Program for textile hygiene.


Hotels that receive the THMS Textile Hygiene Certificate are also monitored to disinfect mattresses and pillows for each user and to release parasites using certified textile hygiene products.


In addition, mattresses must be thoroughly vacuumed every 6 months using micro-filter-systems to remove dead pathogens and parasites. 


All products and services under the THMS Infection Protection Program are guaranteed to THMS members by THMS trained and contracted service providers.


Authorized to award the THMS Hygiene Certificates to certified hotels in cooperation with the THMS..


What about in your hotel in the mattress?

Sure, you do not know!

But your guests trust you that the clean-looking mattresses pose no risk of infection.

Can you guarantee that your guests will not become infected with allergens or pathogens that other guests have left behind?

With the use of Parasitol after every guest change

and the removal of dead pathogens and parasites by suction with microfilter systems every 6 months, we guarantee for the textile hygiene in your hotel with the THMS hygiene certificate.

Parasitol is the biological protection against infestation with parasites, such as mites, itch mites, lice, fleas moths and all insects the creeps and flies. Besides, it has a disinfecting effect.

Parasitol textile hygiene spray is packaged in a custom-made pump bottle.

The dosage of one Puff of Spray from a distance of about 50 cm on surface the fabric is enough for about 1 sqm textile surfaces.
This fine aerosol trickles deep into the pores of the textiles and kill the mites and disinfects the fabrics what we cant wash in a machine.

Now have over the course of 6 months, the dead mites, accumulated.

For this reason, you should vacuum the mattress every 6 months correctly around and only using micro filters.


More you can not do at this time to full fill the infection prevention from THMS program.

This is the best way to protect the health of your Family and guest´s!


The product is a Repelling, so that it can also be used preventive to control pests.

Textile Hygiene Spray is available in the environmentally friendly pump spray bottle with:

1.   500ml enough for             500-  600 sqm, or about  300 Mattresses

2.   5 Liter Tank enough for 5000-6000 sqm about or 3000 Mattresses



Take your order by The E.Mail info@thms-hygiene-service.org


Parasitol is an effective product, specifically to combat bed bugs in textiles also suitable to combat other, such as cockroaches in Kitchens and many more.

The product is a Repelling, so that it can also be used preventive to control pests.


When use for textile,  spray with head directly onto the textiles. Goggles, gloves and face masks with application bear.

Upon contact with the eyes rinse thoroughly with clean water, seek medical attention and show this label to the Doctor.