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Increasing corona infections and mutations worldwide mean that hotels have to close again to make the spread of the virus more difficult.

Hotel textiles are a special way of spreading pathogens, but also parasites and allergens from the feces of the mites.

If mattresses and pillows are not disinfected before they are covered with freshly washed bed linen after each change of user and parasites such as mites, which are introduced with each use, are killed quickly and safely, they will inevitably be passed on to the next user.

Protect yourself and your guests from possible infections. Because freshly washed bed linen is no protection against infections from mattresses and pillows!

Because these textiles can be infected with 6 viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites!

Also, mites, whose feces contain an allergen that is the trigger responsible for 40% of all known allergies. Once the allergen has been ingested, it can mutate into an allergy in our organism.

Also bacteria, fungi, mites and itch mites that get into the textiles with body sweat. All these pathogens can be transmitted to the following user!

Nobody has complained yet because these infectious pathogens also have very long incubation periods.

If you have caught a highly contagious itch mite, it can take up to 6 weeks before you notice the first signs. However, in that time, you may have passed on this highly contagious parasite many times. Even contact with the clothing of an infected person for a few minutes is sufficient to become infected.

Parasitol® is the patented, tested and registered hygiene product that is easy and quick to use.

Parasitol destroys: viruses, bacteria, fungi, but also all flying and crawling insects quickly and safely.

The application is simple and can be taken over by the house staff.

Spray mattresses and pillows, then the freshly washed bed linen can be applied without waiting.

Every 6 months, these textiles must be thoroughly vacuumed all over using micro filters in order to safely remove dead pathogens and parasites.

Hotels that follow the THMS infection protection program receive the new THMS textile hygiene certificate every 6 months after completion of the basic hygiene treatment.

The THMS Infection prevention Program!


After every guest change

mattresses and pillows must be disinfected with tested and approved products before making fresh bed linen, and parasites must be safely killed!



Every 6 months

Do these textiles have to undergo a basic hygiene treatment!

Here, bed textiles must all around using

Micron filter systems are thoroughly vacuumed,

to safely remove dead pathogens and parasites.



We check these measures

every 6 months

free of charge and issue the valid for a further 6 months after the examination

THMS textile hygiene certificate!

On this picture you can see

the sample of only 30 seconds from a hotel mattress!

 Unfortunately, this result is about the same in all hotels.

Unfortunately also in expensive 5-star hotels!

THMS Hygieneservice Report
Please download this form and use it as proof of basic hygiene work to be carried out every 6 months. These must be submitted to the THMS Inspector for further certification.
With this you are protected against infections of your guests.
THMS Textile Hygiene Service Report Deut
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 91.2 KB

Info from the THMS non-profit  association

Infection protection in the hotel industry.

Hopefully we will have survived this pandemic soon and can get back to normal life!

THMS (Textile Hygiene Monitoring Society)

For more than 10 years now, we have been committed to protecting against infections through textiles on a voluntary basis.


Since every hotel mattress is used by more than 120 people from all over the world every year, and can become infected with the legacies of the previous user!

Every user brings in their sweat, viruses, bacteria and fungi through the bed linen in mattresses and pillows.

But mites that live on our skin also nest in these textiles and form entire colonies with hundreds of thousands of these parasites.

Or bring bed bugs and itch mites with you, which travel around the globe in luggage and multiply at breakneck speed.

What we found in mattresses and pillows, even in well-known 5-star hotels?


Viruses, bacteria, fungi and fungal spores:

Types of microorganisms that are transmitted to new hosts through the air or through contact. We are particularly at risk of infection in bed, where we are not very clothed.

House dust mites:

They live on our skin and feed on fungi on hair, skin flakes and tissue cells that we are constantly losing. Your feces contain a dangerous allergen that can damage our immune system and cause allergies or autoimmune diseases that are incurable! House dust allergies, asthma to name a few. Our house dust consists mainly of the feces of the mites!


The itch mites are more and more common:

A very special kind of mite that burrows under our skin, laying their eggs there, causing terrible itching!

However, it can take up to 6 weeks before we notice the first signs. During this time, however, we are already spreading this parasite further.

Just minutes of contact with someone infected with itch mites is enough to infect yourself with it!


The bed bugs:

These nocturnal, flightless bloodsuckers react to body heat, carbon dioxide and body odor.

You travel around the world as stowaways in the luggage of holidaymakers!

They hide in bed, behind pictures, baseboards, carpets, sockets, cable ducts, wardrobes, etc.

A parasite that was already considered to be eradicated by us. This visible parasite has been spreading again for some time. A female can grow up to 8.5 mm and is often a guest again in hotels. Since they reproduce at breakneck speed, if something is not done immediately, you can go crazy with a master of thousands of these bloodsuckers in 3 months to be driven.


How can we protect ourselves from all these dangers?

Parasitol® was specially developed for textile hygiene. It is 100% biologically produced from natural active ingredients!

Parasitol® has been registered with the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.


What can Parasitol® do?

Due to its patented composition, Parasitol® destroys viruses, bacteria, fungi and fungal spores, mites, itch mites, bed bugs and all other flying and crawling insects!


How Parasitol® is used?

Parasitol® is available in the environmentally friendly pump sprayer. A spray from approx. 40-50 cm above the textile is sufficient for around one square meter of textile surface!


Where can I use Parasitol®.

Parasitol® is a biocide and can be used on all textiles. Mattresses, with every linen change before making use of freshly washed linen. Parasitol® protects against moth infestation in wardrobes and garment bags. When traveling, camping, in the kitchen, when infested with cockroaches, cockroaches, silverfish, wasps, mosquitoes, flies, fruit flies, ants and all insects that crawl or fly!


Parasitol® smells pleasantly fresh thanks to the addition of natural lavender extract!

Also, use organic products only as instructed!