Textile-hygiene safe your Family and Customer from infections!

PARASITOL® Infection Protection Textile Hygiene Spray protects against


Infections with viruses, bacteria and parasites!


Help and protection is provided by the highly effective, biological, infection protection textile hygiene product PARASITOL® destroys corona and other viruses, bacteria and fungi. It destroys all crawling and flying insects quickly and safely. PARASITOL® also protects against infestation with mites, itch mites and bed bugs and all crawling and flying insects. PARASITOL® smells fresh lavender!


Who would think that textiles can be used to become infected with pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and fungi? Or who knows that all textiles contain mites that excrete allergens with their excrement, which fly through the air as house dust and can cause 40% of all known allergies and autoimmune diseases?


Viruses such as the coronavirus, bacteria, fungi and allergens get into the textiles with contact and our body sweat and can be transmitted from there to the following users.


Once you have an allergy, you will never get rid of it completely!


Mites, live on our skin and are so small that we cannot see them. They feed on protein-rich hair and flakes of skin that we are constantly losing. This means that these parasites are well looked after in our beds. In addition, there is the pleasant temperature that invites you to linger. Your excretions contain allergens that trigger autoimmune reactions, whereby the immune system classifies normal processes as hostile and acts against them.


This manifests itself in developing allergies or other autoimmune diseases that have not yet been adequately researched.


The textiles we use are full of it. Mattresses and pillows in particular, as we don't wear them very much and use them for a long time, there is a risk of being infected with pathogens and allergens.


Entire colonies of the can live in all other textiles that we do not wash and diligently produce allergens that fly through the air as house dust. If this house dust comes into contact with water, the black fungus develops, which has been proven to cause asthma that we can never get rid of.


All allergies are chronic. This also means that our genes can change as a result and our children can suffer from these allergies from birth.


The itch mite is another highly contagious species of mite that has already been considered extinct, but is now more and more common in old people's homes, hotels and guest houses. Even minutes of contact with someone who is already infected with scabies or their clothing can be enough to become infected with this mite. However, it can take up to 6 weeks before you notice the first signs. The mite burrows under the skin and lays its eggs there. This triggers terrible itching, especially in warm and humid parts of the body such as armpits, genital areas, between toes and fingers, which must then be treated with a permethrin ointment until it is completely healed.


The bed bug is back again, travels around the globe in luggage and reproduces very quickly. A female lays approx. 200 eggs, which are sexually mature again after 6 weeks and again lay 200 eggs each. So you have an invasion of the bloodsuckers in 3 months, which costs a lot of money to destroy completely. During the day you will not discover the little vampires because they hide behind baseboards, in telephones, sockets, behind pictures and in bed. It starts at night, then blood is aspirated up to twice its own weight. If there is no blood for 6 months, the bed bug survives that too. What many consider a mosquito bite can also be a bed bug bite. It itches for about 10 days, and the scratches can easily become infected.



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