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THMS Textile Hygiene Service is the platform for all THMS certified commercial service providers who have qualified for room cleaning in hotels and who work according to the specifications of the THMS infection protection program.


 As part of the THMS infection protection program, we promote infection protection using textiles like HACCP, which stands for

"Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points."


 The control points are here for all textiles in the room that cannot be washed.


In particular, however, pillows and mattresses and mattress protectors, as this is where the lightly dressed user has direct contact with the textiles for hours. During this period, the textiles also absorb the user's body sweat.


 The freshly washed laundry is no protection against infections from these textiles.


 Each of the more than 120 guests a year who use hotel beds leave behind viruses, bacteria, fungi and mites in mattresses and pillows with their body sweat.


There is a risk of infection here, as we stay here long and little dressed.


 If we neglect hygiene, there is a risk that the following users will become infected with pathogens, allergens and parasites that previous users have left behind!


 If mattresses and pillows are not disinfected and pathogens and parasites are killed after each guest change, each subsequent guest is exposed to infections from these textiles without protection!


Viruses, bacteria and fungi have long incubation times. Once absorbed, they remain in our body.


Outbreak uncertain!

The dust from the mattresses alone, which flies through the air as house dust, consists mainly of mite excrement, which is responsible for many autoimmune diseases and allergies that never heal completely.


In addition, this dust can trigger life-threatening allergic shocks in allergy sufferers!


The certified PARASITOL helps here, it destroys corona and other viruses, bacteria and fungi. In addition, mites, itch mites and bed bugs are rendered harmless within minutes. Parasitol naturally also protects against the infestation of these parasites, which are introduced by guests.


 The THMS Hygiene Service Report is available for you to download below for self-checks to verify hygiene!


Our voluntary work at THMS is based on the Infection Protection Act!


As part of the protection against infection, all voluntary THMS textile hygiene inspectors check textiles free of charge for the possibility of infection by allergens, bacteria, viruses and fungal attack.


Service work and the sale of textile hygiene and infection protection products also take place on this website!


 However, initial examinations and certification of the companies after an examination by our textile hygiene inspectors are carried out on a voluntary basis (free of charge for you).


 THMS Hygiene Service specializes in textile hygiene services.

We are active wherever people spend the night to protect against infections from clean-looking mattresses and pillows.


All services are carried out in accordance with the specifications of the THMS infection protection program and meet the highest requirements for infection protection via textiles.

With these services in infection protection, we are a competent partner for the entire range of services relating to allergy and infection protection using textiles such as mattresses, carpets, upholstered furniture, etc. - this saves costs and optimizes the processes in your facility.


As your strategic partner, your staff is relieved so that they can focus on their main tasks.


Our customers are again awarded the THMS textile hygiene seal every 6 months after testing.


For your guests, this means sleeping safely on textiles protected from infections!


Parasitol is the innovative, effective organic product made from natural plant concentrates for textile hygiene.


The addition of 70% bio alcohol also destroys the coronavirus, bacteria and fungal spores.

The special thing is, however, that this product not only kills viruses, bacteria and fungi, but also safely and quickly destroys mites, itch mites and bed bugs and prevents the infestation with these parasites.


For the textiles that we cannot wash!


Precisely because all pathogens and parasites remain in the textiles with the body sweat of every user, it is important to treat the textiles with Parasitol for every guest and change of linen in order to protect the following users from possible infections.


One spray of Parasitol from the environmentally friendly pump spray bottle 50 cm above the textile is sufficient for 1 square meter.

Then the freshly washed bed linen can be applied without waiting.


THMS Hygieneservice Report
Please download this form and use it as proof of basic hygiene work to be carried out every 6 months. These must be submitted to the THMS Inspector for further certification.
With this you are protected against infections of your guests.
THMS Textile Hygiene Service Report Deut
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