Our certified products offer protection against     infections in textile   hygiene!

Info about the safe handling of your textiles

First, you should know that you feed mites with the naked eye invisible spider-haired animals and dander that we constantly lose. If you can not do it yourself properly, have it done only by professionals who work with certified products and proven personnel. Rely on the THMS certificates.


Never connect mattresses with water!

Also, no steam cleaners!

After cooling the water vapor, they leave water in the mattress and this, in combination with mite excrement, develops into a black fungus, which is also associated with typhus and tuberculosis bacteria because even when vacuuming the mattresses, serious mistakes can be made.


The symptoms of infestation by this fungus are diverse, ranging from allergic reactions and labored breathing to asthma and other serious lung diseases.


But the ear canal can also be infected or it can lead to inflammation within the abdomen.

When vacuuming the mattresses, the use of micro-particles dust filters is essential here.


This micro filter system is absolutely important because with a normal filter, the allergens would be thrown out of the mattress right into the room and everything would be worse than before.


Suction alone is not enough!

Our products are THMS certified with research reports from independent international universities confirming that the products used for textile hygiene are also effective and safe.


Our textile hygiene products are obtained exclusively through THMS certified textile hygiene service providers. You use textile hygiene spray by spraying your mattresses and pillows over the textiles from a distance of approx. 50 cm before using them with a textile hygiene spray.


The fine mist penetrates into the tissue and acts there by destroying the parasite's nervous system and shortly thereafter die. Please spray the mattress and pillows as described before spraying the freshly laundered bed linen.

Now you can apply the fresh linen immediately without further waiting time. You should give your mattresses a thorough treatment at least once every six months by thoroughly vacuuming and completely disinfecting the mattresses using only micro filters.


Only with the implementation of these measures hotels get the THMS textile hygiene certificate for best textile hygiene.

This certificate is a safety factor for your guests, especially allergy sufferers will thank you. With this certificate of the THMS you can confidently advertise the protection of the guests against possible infections no one must be ashamed.

Triggers are proven proteases allergens. The dust mite excrement is so called, these allergens are dangerous for us because they can damage our immune system.


Studies have shown that chronic diseases can alter our DNA and that these mutations can be passed on to subsequent generations.

So it is possible that it may have serious consequences for our future generations due to our carelessness in terms of textile hygiene. (Allergy sick since birth)


Officials already speak of more than 40% of the world population suffering from any allergies.


Hotel mattresses are a risk factor for the transmission of parasites and the infection with pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and fungal spores, which can be brought back by each guest again.


On the mattress and the pillow. If you sleep for some hours on an untreated mattress, you are at risk of ingesting these agents through your breath or through skin contact.

As the operator, the responsibility for protecting the health of your guests lies solely with you.


The incubation period of various pathogens take several weeks before your guest realizes that he has become infected.


The THMS inspectors can show you what is in your mattresses.

In just 30 seconds you have the result. Just call and make an appointment.


Or get informed at the THMS of the textile hygiene inspectors to you.

Here a link to You-Tube: THMS textile hygiene examination in the 5 star hotel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_56Q5Z4CF7s


The THMS Textile Hygiene Certificate will only be awarded to establishments that follow the measures listed above to protect against infection of the THMS.


With a certificate that identifies you as a particularly hygienic and allergen-free hotel you can look forward to!