Textile-hygiene safe your Family and Customer from infections!

Dear Madam, Sir,

Please do not forget that, especially in times of increased risk of infection, disinfecting the mattresses and pillows before changing to freshly washed bed linen is very important.
Ask your house staff to treat the textiles with Parasitol after each change of guest.

The certification of the THMS takes place exclusively to the hotels, which are proven to actually use the THMS certified effective products.
Due to the high order quantities, please ensure sufficient stock.
And as a user of the Parasitol infection and parasite protection product, make an appointment for free certification of your home.


THMS Textile Hygiene Service is the platform for all THMS certified service providers who work within the THMS infection protection program.

We work closely with the THMS, whose voluntary work is based on the Infection Protection Act.

As part of inflation protection, companies in the overnight accommodation industry are checked for allergens, bacteria, viruses and fungal infections.

We are in contrast to the THMS, we are commercially active.


However, initial examinations and certification of the companies are carried out by our textile hygiene inspectors on a voluntary basis (free of charge for you).

THMS Hygiene Service specializes in textile hygiene services.

We are active wherever we spend the night to protect against infections from clean-looking mattresses and pillows.

All services are carried out according to the specifications of the THMS infection protection program and meet the highest requirements for infection protection via textiles.


With these services in infection protection, we are competent contacts for the entire range of services on the subject of allergy and infection protection via textiles from mattresses, carpets, upholstered furniture, etc. - this saves costs and optimizes the processes in your facility.


As your strategic partner, we relieve your staff so that they can focus on their main tasks.


Every 6 months after testing, our customers are once again awarded the THMS Textile Hygiene Seal that their customers ensure textile hygiene, including infection protection against allergies, infections with fungi, bacteria and parasites.

What about in your hotel in the mattress?

Sure, you do not know!

But your guests trust you that the clean-looking mattresses pose no risk of infection.

Can you guarantee that your guests will not become infected with allergens or pathogens that other guests have left behind?

With the use of Parasitol after every guest change

and the removal of dead pathogens and parasites by suction with microfilter systems every 6 months, we guarantee for the textile hygiene in your hotel with the THMS hygiene certificate.

Parasitol is the biological protection against infestation with parasites, such as mites, itch mites, lice, fleas moths and all insects the creeps and flies. Besides, it has a disinfecting effect.

Parasitol textile hygiene spray is packaged in a custom-made pump bottle.

The dosage of one Puff of Spray from a distance of about 50 cm on surface the fabric is enough for about 1 sqm textile surfaces.
This fine aerosol trickles deep into the pores of the textiles and kill the mites and disinfects the fabrics what we cant wash in a machine.

Now have over the course of 6 months, the dead mites, accumulated.

For this reason, you should vacuum the mattress every 6 months correctly around and only using micro filters.


More you can not do at this time to full fill the infection prevention from THMS program.

This is the best way to protect the health of your Family and guest´s!


The product is a Repelling, so that it can also be used preventive to control pests.

Textile Hygiene Spray is available in the environmentally friendly pump spray bottle with:

1.   500ml enough for             500-  600 sqm, or about  300 Mattresses

2.   5 Liter Tank enough for 5000-6000 sqm about or 3000 Mattresses



Take your order by The E.Mail info@thms-hygiene-service.org


Parasitol is an effective product, specifically to combat bed bugs in textiles also suitable to combat other, such as cockroaches in Kitchens and many more.

The product is a Repelling, so that it can also be used preventive to control pests.


When use for textile,  spray with head directly onto the textiles. Goggles, gloves and face masks with application bear.

Upon contact with the eyes rinse thoroughly with clean water, seek medical attention and show this label to the Doctor.