It is no longer news that more and more bedbugs are suddenly there.

They travel as stowaways in their luggage and then spread out.

It is not the fault of the hotel operator, but it is not his fault to do anything about it!


And right here is the point, wrong shame or silence is not the solution!

But the way to disaster!


The fact is that many are faced with this challenge and have no experience or information on how to effectively address the problem.


Only education can help.

First and foremost, your on-site staff, that is, the maids, need to know what to look for when making beds.


These are the places where bed bugs hide:


Under the mattress protectors, under the seams of the mattresses, behind pictures, mirrors, baseboards, wallpaper, under carpets, in cable ducts, telephones, in the light switches, under window sills and so on.


You have to know that these animals shy away from the light.

They hide themselves during the day everywhere, where no light comes.


If you inspect the room during the day, you will find nothing if you do not look in the described places.


If you find even small black dots that look like fly droppings, that can be from a bed bug.


In contrast to the house dust mite, the bed bug is visible.


The dust mite is in the bulk of your advent in pillows and mattresses much more dangerous than the bed bug, but invisible.


How can the bed bug be combated?


Well, there are different methods, but Parasitol is not a chemical mace but a bioproduct of natural plant concentrates and yet very effective and the safest and most cost effective of all.




If the infestation has spread to disaster you can

to heat the rooms to 50 ° to 80 ° C. This is very costly, takes a long time and not always successful, because the bugs also retire in holes or cracks, which lie deeper in the masonry and are therefore not reached by the heat.


Or cooling the room below 18 degrees minus presents the same challenges as described before.


These two methods work without insecticides.


When handling insecticides extreme caution is required!


Here you should give the material only to responsible people who place this product in the right places and bring in the right proportion to the application.


We have the solution of the bed bug problem!


The New Parasitol Textile Hygiene Spray is a biocide and will be available from September 2019, which will then ensure the destruction of mites, bedbugs, lice, fleas.