The THMS Infection prevention Program!

Wherever you see our certificate seal, you can be sure that the THMS guarantees hygiene in textiles.


We check every 6 months and have the consumption of the certified products under control so that we can guarantee you the hygiene measures carried out in this company, the textiles are also checked for stress before the new seal is issued.


The THMS textile hygiene inspectors are well trained for their task and visit hotels on a voluntary basis, take samples and inform the management, hand over the sample and present the THMS infection prevention program.


Provide information about the handling of THMS certified products that are suitable to ensure protection against infection from textiles.


We also conduct training courses on textile hygiene for staff.


These measures are easy and safe to use.

After removing the bed linen, mattress with a Puff Parasitol Textile Hygiene Spray from the environmentally friendly pump spray bottle from a distance of approx. 50 cm is sufficient for one square meter of textile surface.


Freshly washed bed linen can then be put on immediately without waiting. Do the same for pillows.


The requirements of the THMS infection protection program are only met if management undertakes to do the same after each guest change and vacuum the mattresses around every 6 months using microfilters to remove the dead parasites.


This is checked by the THMS inspector by taking samples. Only then is the new textile hygiene seal valid for 6 months.


With the THMS certificate in the hotel or at hotel booking portals, you as a paying guest can be sure that you will sleep safely on disinfected mattresses and pillows from infections with parasites and pathogens.